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Teacher's Workshop

School Administration of Aprajita International Co. Edu. School, organized a workshop from 12th June to 15th June 2017 for the mental and physical growth of the teachers positively. All the teachers participated in all educative events. The school administration had planned a curriculum for the workshop that included spoken English, Role of Psychology to make the education system much better and child centered, Role of families in character building of students, classroom management and drawbacks, excursion for teachers, how to improve the daily progress of the below average students, the motive and mission of Aprajita International school, The importance of yoga, Drug addiction and its losses to health and society etc. For the big success of the workshop the school administration had invited the renowned resource person’s expert in their subjects and field of education.

The school teachers very excitedly went through the educative process and they developed their knowledge in the fields and knew how to make their teaching techniques more effective and result oriented in future. They were not only the passive audience of the events but also proved that they were with the knowledge and were there to improve their knowledge.

All the resource persons appreciated all teachers’ presence of mind and their trust for knowledge so that they may spray that gained knowledge on the students like flowers in the garden of Aprajita International School.

The resource persons Prof. Dogra Ji (Govt. College Hsp.) Prof. Munish Kashyap (Govt. College Talwara)Dr. Rajesh Attri (Govt. College ,Dehri ,Kangra) Dr. Vishal,(An M.B.B.S.) etc. on last day of the worshop at tea time expressed that such workshop if condected time to time in schools they may be very helpful making the teachers , students knowledgable and the education system a student centered system. The school Managing Director Sh. Nand Kishore Sharma also said that it was a positive idea of distribution and gaining of knowledge and exchange of views on education system. In his thanks comments the school Principal Mr. A.K.Sharma expressed his deepest gratitude to the renowned resource persons, school management for their kind cooperation and sharing their precious experiences of the fields with teachers. He requests the teachers that the success of workshop will depend how they share the gained knowledge with the students they deal with and in their practical life as well.

Aprajita international Co-Edu. School, Bhater celebrated World Yoga Day 2020

Aprajita International celebrated world Yoga Day on 21st June 2020 on this day the school management, administration, teachers and little students took part to promote the yogic exercises for the healthy world. The managing director Sh. Nand Kishore Sharma Principal Mr. A.K. Sharma and others were excited to be a part of the mission. The school MD saluted the great and selfless efforts of the Prime Minister Sh. Narinder Modi for the origin of this day for the whole planet. The school students have been making yogic exercises for the fixed time during morning assembly time daily that nurture their mind power. All the members of Aprajita family are performing various daily inspired by each other. On this virtuous day Principal Mr. A.K.Sharma wished all good health and said that yoga is the best medicine to our gifted body and we should take much care to our biological bodies so that we have long life for ours and our Nation. He added that only healthy Indians may go for the developed India.

Aprajita International Co. Edu. School , Bhater(Pb)

Dated 21st June, 2019

Clean Indian Mission 2022

Aprajita School has been promoting Prime Minister Narinder Modi's mission Sawacch Bharat by 2022. For the purpose the school management, administration, teachers, students etc. have been playing an important role. In the academic session 2016-17 school students of all age groups had been very excited in this respect. They first of all started the mission from their school to society and then home to humanity and their villages. School conducted seminars, workshops, and public meetings for the motive to come together and bring together for the success of the mission.

School students went door to door to aware the public; they were made aware about the benefits of cleanliness and losses of health and invitation to serious and common diseases if we do not co-operate in this mission. They were also made aware that this mission is not for others whatever we do relate to clean India we do it for ours. So the people of the region gave their kind support to the movement the school organized under the kind directions of honorable Prime Minister. In the school campus poster making competition completions, speech completion, role play etc. were conducted for the students to know and develop their sense of cleanliness which is also a skill.

Time to time the school authority visited the villages and homes in the neighborhoods to get the feed back of their message and activities in concern to mission. Even the Gram Panchayat Pradhans of the region were invited by the school administration to discuss the movement with ,they all pledged that they will also discuss the same in AAM JLAAS(Monthly Meetings of panchayat) they appreciated school's positive efforts for the success of the mission . They all assured that theywill act upon above party politics for their healthy village.

In the academic session 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 Aprajita Family members are most excited and energetic to continue this pious mission for big achievements and big success. The school has a planned curriculum for the task for the targets. Aprajita Family is determined for the success of Prime Minister's pious mission considers it a great tribute to the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi JI who wanted all's welfare and well heath. Let


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Registrations for admission to classes Nsy,LKG, UKG, I to X for academic session 2020-21 will commence in April 1, 2020.


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