Aprajita Charitable Trust was set up in 2005 with the explicit objective of providing education which implants a will and facility for learning; it believes in producing not learned but learning people

Table of Information

1 Name of the Organization Aprajita Charitable Trust
2 Corporate Office V.P.O.- Bhater, tehsil- Mukerian, District- Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Pin-144224
3 Constitution A society registered under The Societies registration act, 1860 [vide act no. XXI]. Registration NO.- HOSH/60/05-06, Year of registration 2005.
4 Board of Directors/Management staff liable for repayment/ implementation of the loan / project A. The name and job title of the key/ focal contact person(s): Nand Kishor Sharma, President, Phone No. 09463706285
B. The contact details of the members of governing body with job title:
Balwant Sharma Patron
Rakesh SharmaVice President
Anil SharmaSecretary
Sharda Rani Treasurer
5 Registration No. & Date of Incorporation Registration No. HOSH/60/05-06, Date of registration- 20th June 2005
6 Mission and Objectives Below is the list of high level mission and objectives:
  1. To establish schools to achieve complete literacy and to work for promotion of education, towards elimination of practice of child labour and to take appropriate steps for their rehabilitation.
  2. To co-ordinate and implement various activities related to welfare of people of Scheduled Castes, scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, Minority groups and engage its self in related research activities.
  3. To implement and co-ordinate various projects aimed towards development and maintenance of environment, plantations and all other project /issues for dealing bio diversities.
  4. To work towards welfare of every section of society in remote rural areas of the states to uplift the educational and economic slandered of the deprived sections of society and to eliminate bad social customs such as illiteracy, dowry system.
  5. To open Gau-Sewa Kender for protection of cows thereby also protecting crops of farmers in region. Also working on projects for animal husbandry, animal medical care and animal rights.
  6. To work for economically deprived and poor people by active involvement in rural development through public participation and to co- ordinate with social act ties.
  7. To organize and conduct programmes on health, education and sanitation, create public awareness to controls population and to prevent epidemics and to arrange for basic facilities.
  8. To work for clean green India, Forest development, conservation of soil and energy.
  9. To create public awareness about various diseases and to work towards spreading awareness on preventive measures via organizing camps for the same.
  10. To organize workshops/programmes in backward rural areas for women. Also intensively work for awareness and protection of their respective rights.
  11. To carry out and implement various schemes/projects in the fields for educations, health, water conservation, irrigation, land reforms etc., securing due cooperation from time to time from the Administration.
  12. To make the rural women self-reliant by organizing their Self Help Group (WSGH) and promoting them.
  13. To work for development of traditional agriculture and social forestry and to carry out various schemes to promote medicinal and aromatic plantation.
  14. To execute various government schemes related to training & development for people to make them self-reliant, with multiple skill-set.
  15. To arrange training programmes & carry out development work meant for welfare of region.
7 Values and Principles Aprajita Charitable trust encourages the following values to be practiced both at individual and organizational level.
  1. Honesty
  2. Transparency and Accountability
  3. Mutual respect
  4. Creativity
  5. Gender sensitiveness
  6. Cost efficiency
  7. Participation
  8. Solidarity
8 Guiding Principles
  1. Utilization of local wisdom and resources.
  2. Encouragement of innovation and creativity.
  3. Prioritizing quality.
  4. Enhancing coordination and networking.
9 Organization Believes In the potential power of the poor and rural people to participate actively in development initiatives within their community :
  1. In equal opportunity for man and women in society irrespective of class, age, ethnic, culture or religion.
  2. All Human Rights for all.
  3. In freedom of expression, movement and choice by man and women alike.
  4. In social harmony free from communal bias.
  5. Freedom for work, education and Development
10 Programs Below are the high level associations of other agencies that we have been working with:
  1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  3. Meenakshi Mission Hospital & research Centre, Mumbai.
  4. SRK People Consultant (India) Ltd.
  5. Attalgarh Skill Training Centre
11 Structure and Governing Council The Governing Council of the organization is responsible for the conduct of the organization’s General operations, performing duties under power delegated by the council. As provided in the Article of constitution. The Governing Council meets regularly at headquarters, council serve Audit and budget for programmed, development effectiveness, Governance and Administrative matters.

Aprajita Charitable Trust

Aprajita Charitable Trust

Aprajita Charitable Trust was set up in 2005 with the explicit objective of providing education which implants a will and facility for learning; it believes in producing not learned but learning people....


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